Parking Information & Policies

Parking Information & Policies

ABM Industries takes pride in being the parking operator for the 655 W. Broadway Garage.  ABM was founded in 1909 and is now one of the largest facility management providers with over 100,000 employees, over 300 offices, and 20 international locations.  ABM is dedicated to extending the life of building assets and providing an exceptional experience for customers.

For more information, concerning the 655 W. Broadway Garage, please contact the Parking Manager at (619) 238-8800.

Parking Rates

Parking garage rates are subject to change and are currently as follows:

Daily Rates

  • $3.00 Each 15 minutes or part thereof
  • $35.00 Daily maximum
  • $10.00 After 5pm (ticket would have to be pulled after 5pm and exit before midnight)
  • $15.00 per day on Saturday & Sunday

Parking garage rates are subject to change and are currently as follows:

Monthly Rates

  • $210 Non-reserved
  • $150 Tandem Reserved parking
  • $260 Single Reserved

Monthly Parking

Monthly parking is subject to current availability or as determined by Tenant’s lease agreement. Each monthly parker must complete a Contract Form, which provides us with vehicle and contract information.

All monthly cardholders shall be issued a non-transferable key card, which allows them (24) hour access to the garage. The key card must be used first upon entry and then upon exit to the facility. No consecutive entrances or exits are allowed and successive entrances or exits will result in the gate not opening. For this reason, always use your card in the reader every time you exit, even when the gate is raised.

Monthly parking fees may be paid at the 655 W. Broadway parking office, located at the entrance to the garage. Payment is due on the 5th day of the month. Any monthly fees not paid by the third day of the month will result in deactivation of the key card. No credit for vacations or periods out of the garage is provided. Please make checks payable to: “ABM Parking Services.”

If you forget your key card, you must pull a ticket. Upon leaving, the activity status of the card will be checked for usage and if found authorized, the ticket will be validated. Otherwise, you will be charged the normal daily parking rates.

If your card is lost, you must notify your employer and the Parking Manager so a new card can be issued. Please note there is an additional key card charge for any access card that is lost or damaged.

Please help us keep our parking records current by advising the Parking Office of any access card additions, deletions, vehicle information changes and name changes. No adjustment can be made to your account until this notification is received in writing.

Garage Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  • Cars must be parked entirely within the stall lines painted on the floor. All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas and occupy only one stall. Drivers are asked to head into stalls, backing in your vehicle is not permitted.
  • All directional signs and arrows must be observed.
  • The speed limit shall be 5 miles per hour throughout the parking garage. Please proceed with caution and utilize the mirrors for blind corners.
  • No trailers, towed vehicles or any vehicle over 18’ are permitted in the garage.
  • Stalls that are marked “Handicapped Parking” are reserved exclusively for those individuals with a valid handicap placard.
    Violators are subject to public citation and/or tow (CVC 22658a).
  • Storage of vehicles for periods exceeding one week is prohibited and said vehicles shall be subject to towing at the Authorized User’s expense.
  • Parking is prohibited, unless the Landlord directs otherwise:
    • In areas not striped for parking;
    • In aisles;
    • Where "No Parking" or "Handicap" signs (unless the Authorized User is handicapped) are posted;
    • On ramps;
    • In crosshatched areas; or
    • In such other areas as may be designated by Landlord, its agent, lessee or licensee.

Authorized Users shall not load or unload in areas other than those which may be designated by Landlord for such activities. Authorized Users and unauthorized users parked in prohibited areas are subject to towing at their own expense.

Tenant and Authorized Users shall not park vehicles in any parking areas designated by Landlord as Visitor Parking spaces to the Building.

Tenant and Authorized Users shall not park any vehicles in the Building parking areas other than automobiles, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, motor driven or non-motor driven bicycles or four-wheeled trucks. Landlord, may, in its sole discretion, designate separate areas for bicycles and motorcycles.

  • Any vehicle illegally parked in a “Reserved” stall is subject to a private citation and tow at the owner’s expense. The reserved monthly parker must contact the Parking Manager or attendant to report any such violation prior to action by ABM Parking.
  • Washing, waxing, cleaning or servicing of any vehicle by the Authorized User and/or his/her agents is prohibited. The use of this garage for the purpose of installing cellular phones, window tinting, washing, detailing, repairing etc. is prohibited.
  • Parking stickers or any other device or form of identification supplied by Landlord shall remain the property of Landlord. Such parking identification device must be displayed as requested and may not be mutilated in any manner. The serial number of any parking identification device may not be obliterated. Devices are not transferable, and any device in the possession of an unauthorized holder will be void.
  • The garage management reserves the right to refuse the issuance of monthly stickers or other parking identification devices to any Tenant, Authorized User, or his/her agents or representatives who willfully refuse to comply with these Parking Rules and Regulations or any City, State or Federal ordinance, law or agreement.
  • Garage managers or attendants are not authorized to make or allow any exceptions to these Rules and Regulations.


  • For your protection, please lock your vehicle, take your keys and report any suspicious activity to the attendant or Parking Manager. Do not leave valuable belongings in the vehicle. ABM Parking is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle or the loss of any article from your vehicle. All responsibility for repairing damage to cars is that of Authorized Users.
  • Loss or theft of parking identification devices from automobiles must be reported to the garage manager immediately. Lost or stolen devices previously reported and then found must be reported found to the office of the Parking Manager immediately.

Failure to follow any of the procedures could result in the revocation of your parking privileges, issuance of a private citation or towing at the owner’s expense. California Vehicle Code Section 22657 authorizes the citing and towing of vehicles that are illegally parked without prior authorization.

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